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Reliable Internet access is critical to modern businesses and homes. Email, online banking, and purchasing are all becoming standard tools, and VoIP phone services are making this even more important. Your specific needs can affect which solution is best. NetSense Computers can provide an extensive range of Broadband and telephony services, including NBN services, through Australian Nomad Tech (ANT).

The following plans are available. For ADSL, actual line speed will vary with distance from the exchange and line quality, and for all services, download speed will also vary when other users contend for the same line capacity; actual speeds could be expected to be lower than that shown.

For a given speed and data combination, NBN will be as cheap or cheaper than ADSL. It offers better performance with real-time services such as Internet telephony (VoIP) and media streaming. For a user-friendly explanation of NBN services, see below.

Service Plan Code Speed, Mbps
Price ANT NBN/
Phone Bundle
ADSL2+ ADSL60 24/1 (nom)
12/0.6 (typ)
60 $49.00 NA
ADSLUL Unlimited $59.00
NBN Fibre NF12-100 12/1 100GB $49.00 $94.00
NF12-250 250GB $59.00 $104.00
NF12-750 750GB $79.00 $124.00
NF12-1T 1TB $99.00 $144.00
NF25-100 25/5 100GB $59.00 $104.00
NF25-250 250GB $69.00 $114.00
NF25-750 750GB $84.00 $129.00
NF25-1T 1TB $104.00 $149.00
NF50-100 50/20 100GB $64.00 $109.00
NF50-250 250GB $74.00 $119.00
NF50-750 750GB $94.00 $139.00
NF50-1T 1TB $114.00 $159.00
NF100-100 100/40 100GB $74.00 $119.00
NF100-250 250GB $84.00 $129.00
NF100-750 750GB $104.00 $149.00
NF100-1T 1TB $124.00 $169.00

NBN Services.

The NBN (as installed in Kiama, Kiama Downs and Gerringong) replaces the entire copper network from exchange to home/business with optical fibre. The maximum download speed so far achieved on copper phone cable uses VDSL2, and is around 80Mbps 200m from the exchange, dropping to around 10Mbps 3km from the exchange. In 2009, Bell Labs reached 15.5 Tbps (that's 15,500,000 Mbps) over a 7000km fibre, so the capacity of fibre is enormous compared to copper. In addition, fibre is immune to electromagnetic interference (e.g., lightning, cross-talk), and does not degrade when the fibre gets wet.

NBN systemThere are several key things to understand about how the NBN differs from the copper PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) system (click on the diagram thumbnail at right to see a larger version):

  • Having the Premises Connection Device installed by the NBN technician does not establish an NBN service. You will still need to contact your Service Provider and commit to a service contract.

  • Once committed, an NBN technician will install a Network Termination Device (NTD) and Power Supply with Battery Backup. Because power cannot be transmitted through the fibre network as it was through the copper network, you will need to provide power to the NTD.

  • Once your NTD is installed, you will need to set up your router; sometimes these are supplied by the Service Provider, sometimes you will provide them yourself. Note that there is a large range of router features that are available, and not all will be provided on al routers.

  • Two types of phone services are available: Fibre Phone and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The Fibre Phone service is provided from the NTD, and therefore has back-up power in the event of a black-out (note that battery backup will only work if your phone is powered from the phone line). VoIP services rely on the router, and therefore have no power back-up; however, considerable savings are available for VoIP. VoIP requires either a VoIP feature in the router, or a separate VoIP ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter).

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