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NetSense Computers Kiama for computer cleanupsThere are three types of cleanups: two of them are "problem fixes" and the third is a preventive cleanup.

  1. Problem Fixes
    1. Virus & Malware cleanup: We hate these as much as you do. Most of them are fairly simple, and the virus can be removed and its damage fixed. Increasingly, however, cleanup is more complex, and requires a combination of detailed investigation, manual cleanup, and scanning using specialised tools. Occasionally this is not economical, and the best method is to backup your files, reinstall Windows, install a quality security solution, then restore your files, scanning as we do. Of course, we can't guarantee that everything can be recovered, but usually that's possible.
    2. Slow Computer cleanup: After a time, most computers "slow down" for three reasons:
      • Excessive autoruns. These are programs that automatically run at boot, slowing down the booting process. Many of them leave resident components, usually small (but not always) that take memory and CPU resources. If you don't use it, it's a complete waste.
      • Update history. When updates install they don't necessarily place themselves in the disk location best suited for speedy start-up, and history can result in clutter.
      • Unused hardware: Programs and drivers for software that has been discarded or that you don't connect to the computer is a complete waste of space and can take up computer resources.
  2. So a cleanup, with an eye to how you use the computer, can give a major speed boost, returning the computer to the condition it was in when new.

  3. Preventive Cleanup: Click here for more information.


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