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NetSense© Eco-PC computers are designed to reduce your computing costs: they meet your computing needs with the most energy-efficient components available, and are optimised for maximum life-span.

Today's computers have performance potential that far outstrip most users' needs. For those who want cheaper and more economical PCs, the additional capabilities are not only wasted; but unwanted expense.

So will a smaller PC will suit you? Can you answer “NO” to these questions?

  • Do you play graphics-intensive PC games?
  • Do you do Computer-Aided Design, 3D modeling or run computer simulations?
  • Do you edit complex media files, such as large graphics, music or DVDs?

Miniature PCIf not, one of our NetSense© Eco-E Series will be ideal. They usually cost less than a standard equivalent to buy, and use around 25% of the energy costs. They can often be built with a case that is a fraction of the size of a standard PC case.

If you do need a high-end PC, a NetSense© Eco-P Series will provide real performance, whilst still saving around 20% power costs.


NetSense Computers also supply a full range of laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks and netbooks (Fujitsu, Acer, Gigabyte, Asus, and other brands). We also sell Chromebooks and both Windows tablet PCs (Acer, Asus, HP & Samsung) and Android tablets (Asus, Gigabyte, HP, Intel, NextBook, Samsung, Toshiba).

Reconditioned PCs

For those on a tight budget, we recondition those PCs that we get in that are not too old and will be sufficiently reliable. Reconditioning usually means disassembly of key components, cleaning out of dust, checking condition of fans and drives (and replacing where necessary), secure removal of existing user files, removal of old drivers for printers and similar, and fully updating (and sometimes reinstalling) Windows.

We can also buy in ex-lease PCs; these are usually around 3-years old, and are suitable for use with the latest version of Windows.


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