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NetSense Computers Kiama for NetworkingCabled networks remain the most reliable, secure and fastest (except for optical fibre). However, in an existing building complex cabled networks may be expensive to install.

Wireless is the latest network technology, and high performance business class wireless solutions offer excellent speed, lower installed cost whilst maintaining reliability and security.

For longer distances, 2-wire and fibre networks offer excellent speeds and high reliability, and specialised wireless is also an option.

NetSense Computers has installed networks since 1995: 10Base2 (now obsolete), Cat5, Powerline, wireless, ADSL, VDSL, HCNA and complex hybrid networks.

Through installing networks in businesses around Australia, we have developed unique expertise in solving complex networking issues, making us your ideal networking partner - for home, small office or large business.

We can provide:

  • Network design and installation
  • Network expansion and development
  • Network configuration and management
  • Hybrid networks
NetSense Computers Kiama for Networking

Network Hardware


Choice of firewall/router is a critical factor in the reliability of your Internet service. Routers can offer a wide range of features:

  • Built-in modems; NBN, ADSL2+, 3G/4G
  • Single and dual-WAN: load-balancing for high-throughput or fail-over for security of services
  • Secure firewalls to manage Internet traffic and intrusion detection for attack-prone businesses
  • Advanced port-forwarding and DMZs for externally-accessible services.
  • VPN for secure multi-site networks
  • Network management services (DHCP, proxy, NTP)
  • Built-in VoIP ATAs for Internet-based telephony.
  • QoS traffic prioritisation

NetSense Computers can supply every class of router-firewalls, from low-cost, entry-level devices suited for households and micro-businesses, through cost-effective multi-function communication devices to highly configurable, very secure firewalls.

Other Network Components

A large number of other network components are available, and NetSense Computers is able to source, install and maintain them:

  • Network Adapters
    • Network Cards - Wired
    • Network Cards - Wireless
    • Network Adapters - USB
    • USB Network Adapters
  • Network Switches
    • Managed Switches
    • Unmanaged Switches
    • Web Managed Smart Switches
    • Powerline Ethernet
  • Surveillance
    • IP Cameras
    • Network Video Recorders
  • Wireless Network Components
    • Wireless Access Points
    • Internet Hotspots
    • Antennas
    • Range Extenders
    • Wireless Display Adapters
  • Network Telephony
    • IP Phones
    • VoIP Solutions
    • DECT
  • Specialised Network Devices
    • Network Storage (NAS)
    • Print Servers


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